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Santorini is one of the most magnificent places on the planet. We use our unique style and offer the best quality of pictures and a wide range of original flying dresses for rental
Our services include photography, videography, makeup & style.
You can choose among > 50 flying dresses and a great number of breathtaking locations
Incredible Santorini views inspired us to create outfits that perfectly match with the ambiance of beauty and the riot of wild elements - wind, sea, and air.

Individual and couple photoshoots

Available options:

  • CASUAL  1h, dress surcharge, 25 pic corrected , 6 pic retouched, delivery 45days   400€

  • MINI  1h, 1 dress incl. ((any up to 90 euro), 15 pic corrected , 6 pic retouched, delivery 45days   460€

  • OPTIMA 1h, 1 dress incl.25 pic corrected , 10 pic retouched, delivery 30days, make up & hair, assistant   850€

  • VIP  2h, 2 dresses50 pic corrected , 25 pic retouched, delivery 14days, make up & hair, assistant, smvideo   1.350

  • EXCLUSIVE 3h, 4 dressesall pic corrected , 50 retouched, delivery 14days, make up & hair, assistant, smvideo   2.500

How it works:

Step 1: you receive all the photo previews (photos in web quality without any editing) within 14 days after the shooting.

Step 2: choose the photos you like best for artistic retouch and photos for color correction and send us the file names.

Step 3: receive ready photos. All the photos will be in two formats: in in web quality with the photographer's copyright (photos for any publications in the Internet) and photos in the original resolution (high quality)


To book a photoshoot, you need to sign a contract and make a deposit of 50%. It will be a guarantee of your date's reservation for you and photographer.

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