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A different entertainment in Santorini. You are invited to take part as a guest in a traditional
Greek wedding. A life changing ceremony, a group celebration. Be part of the story. Meet the
family. Eat, drink, dance, break plates. The custom is traditional. The experience is not!

What it is:
THE GREEK WEDDING SHOW is not only a “Greek night” but an interactive show. A unique
musical designed for visitors to the island who want to engage with the local culture in an entertaining

Who it is for:
International travelers to Santorini looking for a full Greek experience. Weddings are an event
where everyone can connect to, regardless the culture. Our show is suitable for adults and children,
groups or individuals. Where it’s located: The site is a 500sq.m. complex situated in the
heart of the capital town of Fira, with capacity of one hundred people. There are two entrances/
exits, one on the main pedestrian road in the shopping district, and the other on the main street
with vehicle access, convenient for transport. The 200 year old building’s interior is exemplary
of traditional island architecture, with rooms separated by walled arches, leading to a private,
trellised outdoor patio.

The show:
For about ninety minutes, a professional cast of actors and dancers will delight us with a unique
spectacle of acting, dancing and live music. Set in the post-war years of the late 1940s, we take
part, as we were the invited guests of a Greek family, in the preparation and celebration of a
wedding. The show begins in the interior of the cava, set as a home, where we meet the members
of the family, who will introduce themselves and their stories during the wedding preparations.
When the bride arrives, followed by musicians, you are invited to the reception at the outdoor
patio where at your dining tables you will enjoy a selection of “Greek tapas” reflecting the traditional
cuisine of Santorini. As you savor the tastes of the island, you will take an amazing journey
through the best of the music and dance throughout the history of Greece with the opportunity
to express your joy, by dancing and wishing good luck to your new Greek family in our special
tradition of breaking the plates in the floor.

Priece per person: 65€

Children: ..............  50€

Infants & Children up to 2 years old are free of charge. Child rate will be considered for individuals up to 11 years old.

Including a selection of greek mezedes and local wine. The performance is day-to-day at 21:00 during May, September and October. From June, July and August, our daily show begins at 21:30.

Booking form

Reservation will be confirmed upon payment. After submitting the reservation form, you will receive the payment details.

Cancellation policy
There are no refunds once a ticket has been purchased. We do not work with group cancellations, once it would affect directly our Reservation Department. Exchange dates on purchased tickets will be considered under availability. The Theatre administration may either exchange or refund a ticket in case of a Postponed/ Cancelled show

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